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Warwick announces new strategic partnerships

Over the last few months Warwick has announced a series of strategic partnerships and collaborations with a number of universities in the UK and overseas. These partnerships will enhance the Warwick’s position as a globally connected university and maximise the effectiveness of its teaching and research.

Warwick has formed a partnership with Monash University, one of the leading universities in Australia. This new relationship will enable both universities to make a real impact on global issues and deliver the best research and teaching experience for their staff and students. It will allow both universities to share research resources, enhance the student experience and help serve a much wider community both nationally and Internationally.

Warwick has also announced two collaborations within the UK, with Queen Mary, University of London and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). The collaboration with Queen Mary, University of London will create eight new joint Postdoctoral Research Fellows in four interdisciplinary fields of activity, four of which will be based at Queen Mary, University of London and four at Warwick.

The most recently announced partnership is the £3 million strategic collaborative programme between LSTM and Warwick. This will create a joint team of 12 researchers from a range of disciplines to study the science, policy and economics of applied health research and delivery. Our vision is that this research will translate into cost-effective, affordable and scalable interventions for the world’s poorest populations.

More information on the strategic vision behind these new partnerships can be found here.