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Memories of Warwick 1965–2015

Old Warwick picModern Records Centre: June 4th – June 28th

Alumni returning to the campus in June will be able to an attend an exhibition which draws on material from the University of Warwick Archive. The archive holds documents relating to the university’s principal activities and original conception in the 1950s. In anticipation of Warwick’s fifty-year anniversary in 2015, the exhibition provides an opportunity to look back at the university’s history. It will include photographs of the changing geography and design of the campus, publications such as prospectuses and student newspapers and audio-visual material covering notable events.

For enquiries about the MRC exhibition contact Helen Ford.

Alongside the exhibition, the university’s current oral history project: ‘Voices of the University’, being carried out by researchers at Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study, will be showcased. This project began in the autumn of 2012 and throughout this year will be recording the stories of those who have studied, worked and lived near the university. The result will be a unique back of 200 interviews to be archived at the Modern Records Centre. These interviews will compliment the documentary material already available in the university’s archive, and offer a rich source of life history data for future researchers.

For further information about the ‘Voices’ project visit the website.