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Obesity Awareness Week 2014

ObesityObesity is a major issue affecting more and more adults and children across the UK each year- 26% of adults in the UK are obese, according to a 2012 NHS study. After a Christmas of parties, mince pies and mulled wine, January is a time for resolutions and tightening belts. But how much of the advice given at this time of year is founded in fact or academic research, and how much is based on old wives tales?

This month, in conjunction with National Obesity Awareness Week (13th-19th January), academics at Warwick Medical School are announcing the facts behind the fiction; providing sound advice to help those who are committed to tackling their weight loss head on and helping them to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. There will be articles, quizzes and advice on the Knowledge Centre, all of which is based in academic research and proven science.

By understanding how we can all be a bit healthier and fitter, we can avoid the prediction that, by 2050, 50% of people in the UK will be obese. Research into the science behind obesity is essential to delivering this change. Due to our location in the West Midlands - which has one of Europe’s highest rates of diabetes and obesity - the University of Warwick is ideally placed to carry out this work. Our academics are recognised for their expertise in this field, and have featured in shows like Embarrassing Fat Bodies on Channel 4. Through their work in clinics at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire they help people locally to reduce their weight and improve their health. Their research into the potential ‘obesity cure’, brown fat, the complex systems underlying how our guts work, and the relationship between ethnicity and obesity, with the ultimate goal of finding new and improved ways of treating people with obesity-related health problems in the UK.

Read more about their work at the HMRU (Human Metabolism Research Unit) here or visit the health pages of our alumni website for more information.