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Warwick-Monash global undergraduate research journal launched

Warwick and Monash University have launched the first ever issue of a joint academic journal showcasing the best undergraduate research from around the world.

The Reinvention journal, which has been published for five years by Warwick, has been relaunched under the banner of both universities and renamed Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research

The journal is run and edited by undergraduate students from both universities in a unique globe-spanning partnership.

The new launch reflects the fact that the online journal will now be produced, edited and managed by students and staff at both Warwick and Monash.

Joint Academic Vice-President of the Monash-Warwick Alliance, Professor Andrew Coats, said the journal was a landmark achievement, led by the student bodies of the partner Universities, and notable for the way it will introduce research and research publication experience to the generation of more globally-connected students.

Professor Coats said:

Reinvention is the heart of what we are trying to achieve, a student-led transnational initiative that enhances student skills and experience"

Managing editor Caroline Gibson added:

The relaunch gives a new dimension to what we've been doing for a number of years at Warwick, and with it brings new momentum.

To support our partnership, we've built a large international team of students who are very excited about working with each other to ensure we publish the very best undergraduate research from around the world."

Reinvention editor Jure Jeric said:

It's truly inspiring to work as a part of the global editorial team. Not only has it expanded our international network, but it has also been very beneficial to our academic and personal development as undergraduates ourselves.

We are really looking forward to our future projects, such as the upcoming joint conference of undergraduate research, being hosted simultaneously at Warwick and Monash in spring next year, where Reinvention will take a prominent role.

Reinvention welcomes academic articles from all disciplinary areas and all universities.

All articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by two or three anonymous referees.

The journal is published bi-annually and only publishes papers written by undergraduate students or papers written collaboratively by undergraduate students and academics.