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Singaporeans - save the date!


We are delighted to announce that Professor Andrew Oswald will be visiting Singapore in November to give a lecture for alumni and friends entitled "Happiness Around the World: An Introduction to the Scientific Evidence".

There is growing interest in how to measure the true happiness and well-being of a nation. In the modern world, indicators such as national income (GDP) are increasingly seen as out-of-date. This lecture will explain the latest scientific thinking, describe the new ideas being used by governments and researchers, list the really happy countries and summarize what is understood about the determinants of the happiness of a country. The lecture is designed for a general audience.

This special event will be hosted at the British High Commissioner’s Residence Eden Hall on 13th November and will be followed by a drinks reception.

Andrew Oswald is a Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. He taught previously at Oxford and LSE, and at various Ivy League universities in the US. His main research lies at the border between economics, psychology, epidemiology, and behavioural science -- and he is especially known for research that began the field now called the economics of happiness. He serves on the board of editors of the journal Science.