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Warwick Alumni Switzerland dinners 2012

Have you always wondered if there was a Warwick alumni network close to you but never found them? So did Ingrid Helsingen Warner. Now the alumni ambassador in Switzerland, she found several alumni through LinkedIn, created a LinkedIn group called Warwick & WBS Alumni in Switzerland and now hosts an annual dinner for Warwick alumni, current students and students departing for Warwick in September.

This year two evenings were hosted in central Swiss cities, September 13th in Geneva at Café Louis and September 14th at the Movie Restaurant in Zurich. Conversation flowed between graduates from 1973 who hadn’t seen alumni since graduation and students about to embark on their studies. Stories ranged from tiles falling off the roof (yes, that’s why the white picket fences still stand at Warwick) to stories about the new union were shared across the table. Does the Nelson bar still stand? The Graduate?

Business cards were shared, appointments made for lunches throughout the upcoming week and smiles and hugs as the participants departed. We are all looking forward to re-connecting but until then – stay in touch on the LinkedIn Group!

Alumni in Geneva

Alumni in Geneva