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Careers Connections

Warwick has a first-class careers service and all recent Warwick graduates can continue to receive free careers support for up to three years after graduation.

The first place for recent graduates to look online is myAdvantage. This brings together career and skills development opportunities and resources all in one place. From skills workshops, careers appointments, and information resources to employer presentations, careers fairs and job vacancies, it’s all there.

If you are a recent graduate currently seeking employment or further study and would like help, let them know. A careers consultant can offer support with getting started on your career planning, applications, interview and assessment centres.

However, it isn’t just recent graduates who might need careers support. At some time during their working life most people need some advice. Unfortunately once you’ve left Warwick’s supportive environment it can be hard to know who to contact. This is where alumni benefit from being part of a global community of over 150,000 Warwick graduates living in almost every country.

With so many people sharing a common link with Warwick. there is usually someone working in the same field as you who can help. Perhaps you’re a new graduate looking for inside information on a particular industry or you’re an older graduate with experience to share. We maintain a searchable database of alumni who have agreed to become careers contacts for other Warwick graduates.

Whether you’re looking to make contact with an experienced professional in your industry, looking for advice about working in a particular city or country, trying to find work experience or shadowing opportunities you can go online and find alumni who have volunteered to help.

Alternatively, you might be someone who would like to share the benefits of their experiences with a younger generation of Warwick alumni. It’s an excellent way to help fellow Warwick graduates at important stages in their careers.

Careers connections

A careers consultant can offer support with getting started on your career...

For more information on careers services available to Warwick alumni or on volunteering as a career contact, go online.