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Nurturing talent - Michael Odunlami

The University is able to support a number of scholarships for academically excellent, financially disadvantaged students thanks to the support of our donors. One of our scholarship initiatives, the Multicultural Scholars’ Programme (MSP), provides financial, pastoral and careers support for low income students from poorly represented ethnic minorities entering higher education. Michael Odunlami was a recipient of an MSP scholarship in Law & Sociology and graduated in July 2012 with a 2:1.

As a student Michael was a member of the Warwick Law Society Executive Committee, where he was responsible for cultivating relationships with a number of law firms. Michael also held a number of part-time roles for the University including working as a student caller.

What is your favourite memory of your time at Warwick?
My favourite memory is sitting in the first tort law lecture (sadly enough!). The lecturer brought to life years of tort law litigation by using a banana peel to illustrate his points – the use of these lively and unconventional teaching methods continued throughout my degree. I will always remember that moment as the start of my high quality learning experience at Warwick!

Sum up your experience at Warwick in one sentence.
My time at Warwick was truly transformative, enriching and enjoyable.

What was the best opportunity your scholarship gave you?
The best opportunity my scholarship gave me was to undertake a vacation placement in Hong Kong at one of the world’s biggest law firms. This was an enriching cultural experience and a career defining moment which I value highly. My scholarship made this happen.

What are your plans now you have graduated?
I aspire to be a commercial solicitor in the City of London but also work abroad for a two year period. I also plan to mentor students and actively engage in philanthropic activity.

What would you say to the Warwick Benefactors whose donations have supported scholarships?
Thank you very much for contributing towards the best four years of my life so far and undoubtedly a brighter future for me. Your donations have helped to change my life for the better and have instilled in me a sense of responsibility for future generations and society at large.

What would you say to alumni and friends who are thinking about making a donation?
Donating to Warwick is like planting a seed with numerous possibilities, which adds to the excitement of not knowing what excellence it can produce. The mandate of our University is to carry out ground-breaking research and produce future global leaders to contribute to tomorrow’s world. By making a donation you will be bringing life to these profound objectives.

Michael Odunlami

Further info
If you are interested in supporting talented students like Michael by making a donation, please complete the donation form included with the magazine, or contact Tim Farr, Development Executive by email or phone +44 (0)24 7615 1024.