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Welcome to Warwick Connect: 50th anniversary edition


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Welcome to Warwick Connect

caesar.jpgWelcome to the 2014 edition of Warwick Connect. Right now we’re in the calm before the storm. Next year, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the University of Warwick in 1965.

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Making a difference...

Lady Noreen Murray CBE, FRS, FRSE was an honorary graduate of Warwick who was recognised internationally as being one of Britain’s most distinguished and highly respected molecular geneticists, having pioneered the development of recombinant DNA technology.

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Following your dreams

Postgraduate scholarships are providing the opportunity for students to continue their education and follow their dreams. These are the students who are going to help us solve the world's problems of tomorrow.

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Multicultural Scholars Programme

University isn't just about the degree you receive at the end of your studies. It's about the experiences, relationships and opportunities it provides you with. The Multicultural Scholars’ Programme (MSP) helps students who might not otherwise have been able to benefit.

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50 Forward in 50 seconds

Director of Fundraising Mary McGrath answers your quick fire questions on Warwick’s biggest ever fundraising campaign.

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Your classnotes

People from Warwick - who's doing what and where?

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New services for alumni

arrowFrom the day you graduate you become a member of the Warwick alumni community and being a member of this exclusive group has its advantages. There’s a long list of alumni benefits and we are constantly adding new ones and improving the existing ones.

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Spotlight on Singapore

singapore Singapore is one of the University’s most engaged alumni communities despite being relatively small in size compared to other countries. Here Timothy Liu (MBA DL 1998-2005), alumni ambassador, shares his insight into the Singaporean alumni community.

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Just write it

just write itGreta Solomon (BA Psychology 1996-99) is a writing coach and author with a background in journalism and PR. Greta has taught writing skills to clients as diverse as charities and media conglomerates as well as those for whom English is a second language. Her coaching focuses on bringing out people’s latent abilities, to produce agile, skilled, whole-brained writing.

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Working connections

ConnectionsInternships are an important opportunity for recent graduates to gain experience of the working world. This is why Warwick has launched the Warwick Graduate Internships Programme which aims to give recent graduates the opportunity to benefit from an internship.

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Teaching excellence at Warwick

applesEveryone who spent time at Warwick has memories of teachers who stood out. The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence recognise and celebrate excellence in teaching and support for learning at Warwick.

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Doing things differently

Little mermaid
Et tu, Disney? Why Latin still matters

Although considered by many as a ‘dead’ language, Latin remains an influential and relevant cultural phenomenon to this day.

Dr Ingrid de Smet demonstrates the classical language’s continued vitality and employment, with some help from Finnish radio, sixteenth-century falconry and Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

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Biscuit question
What’s it like to eat a chocolate hobnob?

To dunk or not to dunk, that is the question. Why do we (fervently) prefer the experience of one over the other and how can we explain our observations to others?

Dr Guy Longworth asks us to contemplate the nature of experience and how we explain that knowledge to others, all via the medium of a chocolate covered biscuit.

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What shape is the world?

The world is flat and rests upon the backs of four elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle. To those familiar with the work of Terry Pratchett this is the Discworld.

Terry, along with Professors Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, recently published The Science of Discworld IV. Not everything made it into the book and Ian Stewart was kind enough to give us a peek at the missing science of the Discworld.

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 happy baby
Raising a happy baby

Professor Dieter Wolke's main research interests include pathways leading to developmental psychopathology; social and emotional development; the development of biological at risk children and infant regulatory problems. Here he talks about what his research has taught him about child development and how those findings can be applied by any parent.

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