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50 Forward

50 forward

Director of Fundraising Mary McGrath answers your quick fire questions on Warwick’s biggest ever fundraising campaign.

Q. Why 50 Forward?
MM. We launched 50 Forward to coincide with our 50th Anniversary, and raise £50m to support the next generation of Warwick stars; essentially the current Warwick greats building the foundation for the next ones!

Q. And how are we doing?
MM. We are already over £45m towards our £50m target of philanthropic income. Thanks to the continued commitment of our loyal donors (and hopefully the support of new donors too!) we are confident we will reach our target before the end of 2015, during the University’s anniversary celebrations.

Q. Some examples of gifts…?
MM. A lovely mix – one of our alumni is funding a piece of research into a rare disease which affects his family; we have had donations to name centres such as the Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies; with £1.5m of donations, we have developed Warwick in Africa, giving exceptional experiences to our students teaching maths and English in township and rural schools and benefitting thousands of young Africans too. PhD students are studying behavioural science, economics, the arts and medicine with donor funded scholarships. And of course we have another 3,000 donors whose gifts are making exciting things happen every single day, ranging from student volunteering projects helping dementia sufferers in the local community, to bursaries for medical school students to experience hands-on medical practice around the world!

Q. Some parting words for our readers…?
MM. Keep going! We are successful because of the graduates who have passed through these doors over the last fifty years, the exceptional contribution they’ve made to society and how they give back to the University. To coin a phrase, the next generation of Warwick students will indeed be standing on the shoulders of giants – thank you to every one of you who has made this success possible through your support of the 50 Forward campaign.

What your generosity has achieved in the past year...