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Into the future

future.pngDid you know that Warwick can help you long after you've finished your studies? At Warwick we make a concerted effort to play a role in the lives of our alumni long after graduation. Social media and the internet have created some amazing opportunities for engaging with graduates that we couldn’t have imagined five years ago.

The most exciting of these opportunities has been the recent launch of our own online mentoring platform, which allows students and alumni to request careers advice and support from our community of 190,000 graduates. The scheme is open to current students and graduates of Warwick, and connects them with a volunteer alumni mentor who has the industry experience and knowledge they need.

Mentors can tell participants about the reality of certain jobs, sectors and professions based on their personal experiences. Mentees can interact with them directly and ask questions to find out what they enjoy about their job, the challenges, and get advice on how to enter the sector. The mentor can share advice and personal experiences and give them a personal connection to what they can expect from life after Warwick. The mentee can gain a new perspective on the possibilities open to them after graduation. Don’t take our word for it though, hear from a couple of people who’ve already been through the process...

Lucy BlackmanLucy Blackman

(BA English Literature 2010-13) - mentee
“When I first heard about the Alumni Mentoring service I thought it sounded like a great idea, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Since graduating from university with little idea of what I wanted to do careerwise I’d felt quite lost and, even after identifying careers I was interested in, I still felt unsure about what steps to take to secure my first job. In this sense, talking to a fellow Warwick graduate who has achieved success in my chosen profession has been incredibly useful and inspiring.

From our very first email exchanges Cathryn was so friendly and helpful, always providing thorough and detailed answers to my queries despite her busy schedule. By encouraging me to think about the kind of writing I’m interested in, Cathryn has really helped to clarify my sense of what I’m aiming for and her tips on where to look for job posts were fantastic in helping me to find more of the opportunities available to me. I found myself feeling particularly grateful to Cathryn after following her advice to update my LinkedIn page and then discovering it had had been viewed by a company’s HR team prior to an important interview with them! I am certain that all of these things, as well as Cathryn’s constant reassurance, have played a huge role in helping me to secure my first job in the industry. I hope to stay in contact with Cathryn and take her up on her kind offer to undertake work experience at her company in the future."

NewberyCathryn Newbery

(BA History and Politics 2004-07) - mentor

"When my time at Warwick was drawing to a close, I found it really difficult to imagine the different routes my degree could take me down. I was lucky enough to have the right opportunities come my way to pursue a career in journalism, but I’m very conscious that this career path wasn’t visible to everyone who might want to follow it. That’s why I felt, when the Warwick Alumni mentoring service was set up, I had a responsibility to register and offer my services – there are so many alumni out there who have careers in, for example, finance or teaching, but just a few of us who are working in journalism or publishing.

Having Lucy contact me so soon after I’d registered was a big surprise and hugely flattering! And it was fantastic timing, because I’d just started working with a personal coach and was starting to realise what I could offer to a potential mentee, and what I could learn from the experience, too.

Lucy and I have only communicated through email, but that’s worked really well for our busy schedules and means I’ve had the time and space to think
up really thorough responses to her questions – all of which were thoughtprovoking and had me digging deep to figure out how to apply my experience to her situation. I’m so pleased that she’s taken some of my advice and found it helpful. I really was bursting with pride when she told me she’d been offered a job in her chosen field, just under two months after we started to work together!

One important thing I’ve learnt about mentoring is that a mentor doesn’t have to be for life; it can be someone who helps you through a specific challenge or problem that you’re facing at the time. Now Lucy has started her job, I don’t think she needs my support as much, but of course I’ll be there when or if she needs me in the future. And who knows, maybe she’ll go on to have a fantastically successful career and I’ll need her help in the
future! To anyone who isn’t sure if they should register as a mentor, or request the support of a mentor, please don’t hesitate any longer – go for it! It could lead to great things that you could never have imagined.”

Whether you’re a current student or a recent graduate, e-mentoring can help you make the most of your career journey. If you’re considering your next step and want to speak to someone about the sectors and roles you’re interested in, talking to a Warwick graduate could help you find out more.

To get involved just visit create your profile and start connecting.