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What Warwick means to me



Rodney M. Linford
(PhD Engineering Science/Materials Science 1965-68)

Being part of the birth of Warwick and one of the first graduate students made for exciting times. We worked in construction huts before moving into the new buildings and rubber boots were issued gratis! It is a matter of pride to me that Warwick has risen to such pre-eminence in the ranks of UK universities, as I now enjoy retirement in Florida.

Jennifer Lynes
(BSc Molecular Sciences 69-72)

Very rich, intellectually and socially, full of challenges and surprises. My activities included vast amounts of book study (no PC laptops!) – developing X-ray plates – choral singing – note taking in lecture theatres – completing assignments in the library – sociology with G. Greer – and writing AL GO L programs to give command prompts to ‘early’ computers (the giants in a temperature-modified hall!

Arthur Lyons
(MSc Chemistry 1965-67)

After graduating from Cambridge University and then working one year in industry, the invitation to come to the new University of Warwick in its first year for a Master’s degree in Molecular Sciences, gave me the opportunity to have an academic career, which had always been my ambition. My Warwick degree opened the door to a subsequent PhD and, following a significant change in academic field, a fulfilling career in architectural education at De Montfort University.

David Mussell
(BA Economics 1965-68)

Being part of the first undergraduate intake of c.300 students gave one every opportunity to quickly become involved in all aspects of University life. With no clubs or societies to join, we had to start them ourselves! I helped start the Men’s Hockey Club and was Captain for three years, not something that could happen at an established University. Incidentally we won our very first game! There were no university playing fields, no union building nor halls of residence. How different to today. All very character forming and a wonderful experience all round.

Mike Haslam
(BSc Mathematics 1965-68)

First time away from home. Proud to be in at the beginning. Loved my course – Prof Zeeman was an inspiration. Played sax in The New Economic Model – the university band which played at all the dances in my second year – including supporting Pink Floyd and The Move. Would love to do it all again. Looking forward to the 50th celebration.

Brian Rapkin
(BA English and European Literature 67-70)

Warwick was a unique journey for us all, an unforgettable three years of academic and creative adventure, and I would never have swapped it for Oxbridge. The friends I made there, for whom nothing was ever impossible, and the mind-forging things I did there, have stayed with me for ever, have thrust me into the direction that I took, and have since become an ineradicable part of my very varied life. Thanks,



Sharn English
(née Sharon Baxter, BEd 1973-77)

How one opportunity can change your life! My first teaching practice, I volunteered for the SE N class and I was hooked! Following a 30+ year career in SEN, I’m an Independent Dyslexia Consultant – busier than ever. I’ve seen my dyslexic students develop into adults who are among the best in their field. I really appreciate the start Warwick gave me; without it, I wouldn’t have discovered one of the most important things in my life.

Karen Fill
(née Davis, BSc Computer and Management Science 1975-78)

I came to Warwick in 1975, aged 23, after becoming interested in computing while working as a clerk in an engineering company. I lived on campus all three years and went to everything at the Arts Centre! The course equipped me very well for a lifelong career in IT. I also met Chris during my first year and we married two weeks before I graduated in 1978.

Rob McCulloch
(BSc Management Science 1972-75)

Leaving school with few qualifications I quickly realised my mistake. It took a decade of evening study to get to university. As a mature candidate Warwick gave me an individual entrance exam and extra tuition. Well that changed my life. Before Warwick I was a factory supervisor; after I became a senior manager delivering complex systems. However, it is the wealth of knowledge and breadth of vision that Warwick gave me I cherish most.



Ellen Bannerman-Quist
(LLB (European) 1985-89)

I consider my years spent at Warwick as some of the best years in my life and which I have greatly cherished. Today my Warwick law degree gives me great pride in having studied law in one of the foremost universities not only in the UK but also greatly acclaimed by world standards.

Claudette Blake
(née Peakman, BA Social Studies 1987-93)

A very happy time enabling me to fulfil my dream of following a degree course. I was delighted to be accepted although it was a challenge as I was working full-time. Well worth the 28 mile round journey twice a week as well as finding time to research in the library.

Anne Curry
(née Davies, LLB Law 1987- 90)

I met a boy called Mark Curry in my first week at Warwick, he was a few doors down from me at Benefactors. We started going out together a month later, have been together ever since and have now been married for 22 years! Thank you Warwick and especially the person who sorted out accommodation allocation for 1987, we have always wanted to thank you too!

Nalini Parsotam
(MA English Language Teaching 1988-89)

The year of study was one the most memorable ones of my life. Apart from all the very valuable academic learning one attained, the even more valuable experience was making friends with classmates and residence mates from every corner of the world. That was the best education! For me, the support of the department as well as all these wonderful friends was especially meaningful when I lost my mom during the course of study.

Paul Whiteside
(BA and MA Classics and Ancient History 1986-90)

Warwick was like finishing school to me: it made me feel complete and I left there with two degrees and a feeling that for the first time in my life I knew who I really was. I brought my family here to the West Midlands for Warwick and we’ve never moved away!



Julian Elliott
(BEng Computer Systems Engineering 1988-91)

Going to university at Warwick was a real eyeopener for me. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the UK and, indeed, the world. I really enjoyed my three years at Warwick; it provided the foundations for a successful career. The fundamentals of engineering – optimise the compromise – have served me
well ever since.

Michael J. O. Gray
(BSc Applied Physics 1990-93)

I came as a mature student aged 57 years. My fellow students (all youngsters) were great, helping me with computers and other modern technology.
The lecturers were superb and we got on like a house on fire. Although I had spent the previous 40 years in farming, I soon picked up the threads. My school physics teacher wanted me to go on into nuclear research in 1950 but he was pleased when I got my BSc!

David Hale
(PhD Education and Industry 1995-2004)

After a long career in teaching and a Warwick MA in Career Planning, I started a PhDparked by my continuing interest in how peoples’ careers develop. Some have a straight line path; others zigzag according to opportunities which develop unpredictably. Warwick gave me a chance in my late 50s to complete a Doctorate through my own research, a monthly visit to Warwick campus and a world-class supervisor. It was one of the great experiences of my life and I’m so grateful to Warwick for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Penny Masoura
(MA Literary Studies 1994-95 and PhD in English Comparative Studies 1996-02)

Warwick for me has been much more than just a university. It has been a life-changing experience. It is the place where I met important people in terms of my studies and interests, where I made life-long friends and since my time there it has always served as a constant point of reference. The Hellenic Warwick Graduates’ Association, which I founded more than 10 years ago in Greece, still goes strong. I am happy to say that in all the years that I have known its graduates I still receive the same feeling of pride, accomplishment and companionship from them that I myself experienced in the past.

Ken Seeds
(BA History and Politics 1996-99)

Warwick is where I met my closest, lifelong friends. Like most people, I lived on campus in the first year – in Rootes. My corridor, F2nd, got on famously and we’re still all in touch nearly 20 years on. In 1997, at the end of our first year, some of the corridor went on a week’s holiday to Newquay. We’ve been on holiday together every year since and next summer will mark the 19th F2nd holiday!

Emily Goodhand (now Stannard)
(BA English and European Literature 1998-2001)

Going to university at Warwick changed my life forever. At school I’d been shy and studious, with few friends. The vast amount of clubs and societies at Warwick opened up a whole new world to me, and in my first year I tried many things, one of which was roller (or street) hockey. I loved it so much that I’m still playing today, and was able to represent my country in 2003 at the World Inline Hockey Championships! I made some fantastic friends along the way, many of whom I’m still in touch with today. I have exceptionally fond memories of Warwick and my life would have been very different without my three years there. Thankyou!



Ahmad Bhatti
(DLMBA 2009-12)

I was an ordinary person but had ambition that ultimately brought me to WBS. I have no hesitation in saying that WBS transformed me as a person and as a professional. WBS challenged me but also gave me the confidence to analyse situations and take better decisions in business and in my life. Thank you WBS for enabling me to proudly carry the Warwick gene.

Alice Johnson
(BA French and History 2001-05)

I had a ball whilst at Warwick. What comes to mind when I think of my time there is all the wonderful people I met from across the globe. I learned a tremendous amount about my subjects, but also about myself and became a well-rounded individual. I would like to thank all the lecturers and fellow students who helped me along the way to graduation and beyond!

Sebnem Tugce Pala
(MA in International Political Economy 2009-10)

My study at Warwick has helped me reshape my professional goals and has driven the direction of my career in development. I have met great people coming from very different parts of the world and had the greatest joy of spending one full year on the lovely campus. I strongly believe that my unique experience at Warwick has been the turning point both for my professional and personal life.

Deepti Shriram
(LLB 2005-08)

It was a place where I found a best friend for life and learnt how to believe in myself thanks to the numerous opportunities on campus, both extra-curricular and cocurricular activities. The course taught me that the formative skills developed over the period of study are more important than the line of study itself, and these can be used to even venture out and seek to be a better professional, where passion and skills converge to deliver best results.



Enrica Fieno
(Erasmus Student 2010-11)

It’s quite strange how an experience at Warwick could change your life forever. I mean, every day there’s something that reminds me of that awesome experience and it seems like a it was just a dream. I miss everything and every single person of that place, but my memories will last, in my mind, forever. I hope one day I’ll be back in my dream.

Ifeoma Noelin Okolie
(MSc Process Business Management 2010-11)

The exceptional character building and preparatory platform at Warwick was the springboard to my career as a Process Safety Engineer within a globally renowned oil and gas company. The multicultural and professional research and development environment provided within the University’s WMG was the much needed real life simulation of the global workplace. The skills learnt, the friends made and the memories captured are all pieces that fit perfectly into
the jigsaw that is my Warwick experience.

Neha Rajesh
(MSc Marketing and Strategy 2010-11)

My year at Warwick was the most special year of my life. I have the most wonderful memories of times in my room at Heronbank, parties at the SU , group meetings in the library, WBS, the gorgeous campus in sunshine and snow, and not to forget the geese on campus. I have made amazing friends for life, built a career in marketing in London and also met my partner. Thank you Warwick!