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About us


Since start up in 2006, over 90,000 young Africans in South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania have benefited from transformed Maths and English teaching through Warwick in Africa. We teach young Africans and provide a range of formal and informal training and coaching for their teachers.

Our success has been driven by the belief that Maths and English skills are great liberators from poverty and underpinned by a rigorous and highly cost effective model, powered by the talents and energy of high calibre students and teachers.

Designed to maximise impact, our approach has proven to be replicable, scalable and sustainable and is achieving significant improvements in performance, ambition and motivation for learners and for teachers.

We hope that you are inspired by what you read and will want to help us to increase our impact still further. If so, we would be delighted to hear from you.

In 2011, after just six years, we have achieved several notable milestones:
  • Over 90,000 young Ghanaians, South Africans and Tanzanians have now benefited from improved teaching in Maths and English since we started in 2006.
  • A doubling in attendance of our teacher master classes in Ghana meant that 580 teachers have been through this programme in the first two years.
  • The first Warwick in Africa learners, many benefiting from their membership of the International Gateway for Gifted Youth, entered top class African universities.
  • Our impact on attendance and performance has been maintained (up typically 50% and 30-40%, respectively).
  • 84% of learners find Maths and English easier after a Warwick in Africa experience.
  • The launch of Warwick in Africa in Kayamandi township near Cape Town, in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch, was a considerable success.
  • The first rural pilot in Limpopo, South Africa, in partnership with the University of Venda also surpassed objectives and demonstrated the considerable potential for us to develop in other rural locations.
  • A groundbreaking partnership with Teach First has been successfully piloted in South Africa. Warwick in Africa is now an official internship option for Teach First teachers.
  • A record 68 students and alumni teachers went out to Africa this summer.
  • The BBC documentary, Our World: Mission for Maths, provided a compelling and independent view of our impact.
  • Over £1 million has now been raised since our launch. A further reduction in unit costs was achieved in 2011 through the benefits of scale, increased support from Emirates Airline Foundation, and our new partnerships with Stellenbosch and Venda Universities.