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Apply for the 2012 Warwick in Africa Teaching Programme

Section 10 seeks detailed information to support your application. As this form cannot be saved mid completion you may wish to draft your answer to this question in another document before pasting it into the relevant box.

1. Personal Details

2. Term-time address

3. Home address

4. Education

5. First aid training

6. Access or Dietary Requirements

7. Pre-existing medical conditions

8. Emergency Contacts

Emergency contact 1
Emergency contact 2

9. Location

1 2 3
South Africa

10. Supporting statement

Please outline why you are interested in being a student teacher in Africa and how you consider that your knowledge, skills and experience meet the criteria in the person specification. You should include any information that may be relevant to your application including work and volunteering experience, membership of societies and other extra-curricular activities, relevant interests and experience outside of your academic course and why you would be a good ambassador for Warwick.

The box below will expand to take more text. Please do not use more than 400 words.

11. Acceptance and Declaration

Returning this completed application form by clicking submit will indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in this application form and the accompanying job description and further particulars. This includes attendance at the selection day if invited and further training sessions if selected to take part in the programme. This also includes signing up to the Code of Conduct to confirm your place on the programme if selected.
Please ensure that your telephone numbers and email address are correct.
If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact:
Rachael Swann
Warwick in Africa Project Officer
Development & Alumni Relations Office
Tel: 024 765 74417
* indicates a required field
Privacy statement
The data you provide in this application form will be used by the Warwick in Africa project team to contact you about the progress of your application and to keep you informed about the project should you be selected to participate.
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