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thabiso_lamola.jpgThabiso Lamola
Eastbank High School

I went to Eastbank High situated in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg. I liked studying economics, maths and accounting.

I was taught by Warwick students in 2009. It was a great experience filled with the keenness to be more knowledgeable so as to excel in maths and other subjects as well as to plough that knowledge back to those in need of it, just like the Warwick students were doing for me.

I felt that it was a privilege for me to be exposed to the students, people from which I could benefit a lot and I am highly thankful to them for that. The experience made a huge difference as it enhanced the knowledge I already had and contributed to me doing well in maths.

I have always had a plan laid out in my mind about my future studies. Having contact with some of them fuelled up the zeal and desire within me to carry out my plans because they motivated me to embrace them.

I got involved with IGGY (Warwick’s International Gateway for Gifted Youth) through my high school maths teacher. IGGY helped me to achieve my goal of getting to University through being in contact with successful individuals who are highly motivated. Because success is what I endeavour to achieve, I was motivated to be like them.

I am now doing a Bachelors degree in Accounting Science at Wits University. My long term plan is to achieve Accounting with Honours in my degree and become a role model in the economy as a Chartered Accountant. I would also like to be involved in a project that would provide me with a platform to assist young people to be like me and succeed.