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Careers survey

There is nothing more powerful for motivating students in their career planning than hearing from experienced graduates about what is possible and how their career paths developed, especially as you once stood in their shoes!

The Careers Centre is looking to create a range of careers resources including case study resources, drawing together the career stories of graduates from all degree disciplines and all job sectors, offering a short profile of career paths taken and advice for students starting out.

Any offer of your time and support, however great or small is much appreciated and extremely valuable in assisting the enhancement of our services to students.

At this stage an expression of your interest in supporting us is all that is required . We will follow up all offers of Alumni support after the Weekend to discuss with you how to make the most effective use of your support.

Please tick the relevant box where you feel you or your organisation can offer support:

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This data on this form will be used to improve the careers service that the University can offer to its students and alumni.
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