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Whilst studying for my PhD there have been a number of interesting and exciting new opportunities wth regards to publications: 


The Other Half of History 

Not long after beginning my research, I was offered the chance to produce a bilingual anthology of Francophone African women's poetry, which took huge amounts of work but was really worth the effort as it was the first anthology produced of its kind - Francophone African women poets have often been sidelined in favour of their male counterparts.  The book also contains an introduction which analyses in detail the processes I undertook in order to put together the book, including the challenges of finding material, selecting works for the anthology, and of course, translation techniques.  The collection is entitled The Other Half of History. 


The Linguist and Other Publications

I have had an academic article published by PEER English published by Leicester University, and I have also written a couple of articles for The Linguist magazine, which has required a totally different style of writing to my academic publications.  One of these was based upon starting up as a freelance translator, which I did in 2006, and the other about Francophone African women's poetry in translation.  My conference paper on the subject of orality, translation and the works of Mame Seck Mbacké was also published online by Warwick University, and I have included details here of my radio broadcast to promote my book. 

Within this section you will find further details on each of these publications or broadcasts, including extracts of poetry from my book, as well as reviews and links to articles.   




"The francophone woman writer seeks social anonymity in an exile made necessary by her stifling visibility ‘at home’" (Makward 118)