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professional development

I would like to describe what courses and seminars I have attended or organised at WIE and Warwick.


Graduate School Training Courses

As doctoral student I would like to improve some of my skills while doing my research, the Graduate school is an excellent link to have.

Here a list of the training courses I have attended


Centre for New Technologies Research in Education

CeNTRE organises research seminars that aim "to elaborate the relationship between technological tools and thinking" (CeNTRE, 2007).

Here a list of the seminars I have attended



Warwick institute of education graduate association

At WIEGA we have a platform that allow us to rehearse and brush up our presentation, writing and networking skills. I have attended some seminars.

Here a list of the seminars I have helped organised (Seminars 2007-2008 & Seminars 2008-2009)


Warwick Business School

At Warwick Business School I have attended the following seminars and workshop:

  • Covert Processes: Revealing the Hidden Dimensions of Organizational Change (22 May 2008)- Bob Marshak
  • Professional Development Workshop "Metaphor in Strategy and Organisation" (15 May 2008) - Bob Marshak
  • Transforming Talk: Organizational Discourse and Strategic Change" (14 May 2008) - Bob Marshak




King's College London-Centre for Evidence & Policy

  • I was offered a place and awarded a bursary that covered the registration fee in order to attend the ESRC PhD Summer School on Evidence & Policy from 7th - 11th July 2008.


Institute of Education-University of London

  • I am also attending a Seminar series: New forms of doctorate which focuses on the influence of multimodality and e-learning on the nature and format of doctoral theses in Education and the social sciences





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