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Current research


Young EFL learners' and EFL teachers' perspectives of state-school primary classroom indiscipline


One of the challenging areas of classroom management in primary EFL education, significantly influencing teachers and children and the realisation of learning aims, is learner discipline and control. Yet, the review of the relevant literature has shown that, despite its importance, there is no empirical research in this area, while recommendations are made in light of research on primary education in general.

What is more, existing research on indiscipline in primary school contexts of unspecified school subjects investigated mainly teacher perspectives, silencing thus the voices of the children and their experiences and opinions.

The research set out to document and explain primary EFL-specific indiscipline in classrooms of Greek state schools, primarily from the children's perspectives, and to make suggestions for the reinforcement of more effective discipline approaches.

The research tradition adopted is the case study, and the methodological approach implemented the 'multi-lens' one. The focus was placed on four state-schools, two in Athens and two in Volos, a major Greek town. The investigation spread through five months during the school year 2007-08. It involved a total of 90 participants, 77 of which were children.

Currently, the data are being analysed. So far, the analysis process indicates a voluminous corpus of evidence for a variety of EFL-specific indiscipline types and attributes. Hence, it is expected that the particular project can contribute towards the deep understanding of the educational problem and a more effective management of it.


Main Supervisor:

Dr Annamaria Pinter


Dr Ema Ushioda



Centre for Applied Linguistics

University of Warwick