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Evaluation and assessment

Bulletin of Educational Articles (BEA)

2003-2005: Evaluator of Greek educational (research) publications for the creation of the TEFL-related corpus of the Bulletin of Educational Articles, Pedagogical Institute, Athens.

The BEA comprises a bibliographic guide aiming to facilitate the literature search of educators and researchers.

EFL learning certificate

Since 2005: Ministry-approved assessor of Oral Skills at B1, B2 and C1 EFL levels. State EFL learning certificate, Greece.

Teacher training courses

1993-94 & 1995-96

As part of my teacher training responsibilities:

  • in RSA/DOTE courses (as UCLES approved trainer): Assessment of teaching practices, evaluation of assignments, and project supervision.
  • in TEFL Foundation Methodology Courses: Assessment of teaching practices, and evaluation of assignments.


Evaluation of state introductory teacher training courses offered by the Greek Ministry of Education. Pedagogical Institute, Athens.

Other educational fields

Evaluation of drafts of National Educational Bills (Pedagogical Instuitute, Athens)

1. 2002-2003: National Bill on Educational Assessment of school heads, supervisors of LEA and school advisors.

    - Methods/techniques for the assessment of the pedagogical/teaching skills of Supervisors of Scientific and Pedagogical Guidance

    - Criteria for the assessment of Heads of LEA and PE Offices

    - Methods/techniques for learner assessment and learning/teaching goals in the syllabi of English, French and German.

    - Submission of personally designed drafts of self-assessment questionnaires for Heads of LEA and of PE Offices


    2. 2003-04: National Bill on the evaluation of state school teachers.



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