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Philip Pullman Media

Photos taken on a recent trip to Oxford:

Exeter/Jordan College

Exeter College - which Philip Pullman based Jordan College on


‘Jordan College was the grandest and richest of all the colleges in Oxford. It was probably the largest too, although no one knew for certain’ The Amber Spyglass

Botanic GardenBotanic Garden

‘In that other Oxford where she and Will had kissed goodbye, the bells would be chiming too, and a nightingale would be singing, and a little breeze would be stirring the leaves in the Botanic Garden’ The Amber Spyglass

The Botanic Garden - featured in
The Amber Spyglass


 Will and Lyra

Will and Lyra's bench -
from the closing of The Amber Spyglass

‘Lyra led him almost to the end of the garden, over a little bridge, to a wooden seat under a spreading low-branched tree’ The Amber Spyglass


Philip Pullman Documentary (Golden Dragon Pictures) - broadcast in 2003


Philip Reeve Media

Reading by Kenneth Branagh from Chapter 15 of Mortal Engines - The Rustwater Marshes


Reading by Kenneth Branagh from Chapter 17 of Mortal Engines - The Pirate Suburb


Mortal Engines Quartet Bookcovers Showcase - showing the variety of landscapes included on the book covers


Terry Pratchett Media

Worlds of Fantasy BBC4 TV Programme on Children's Fantasy Literature- section on Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett talks about The Wee Free Men and how it is based in the landscape of his childhood