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Kiti - A Byzantine Church


"Panagia Angeloktisti" (a.k.a. "Kiti") is a an Byzantine Church on Cyprus from Byzantine times I have virtually reconstructed using industry standard 3D modelling tools with members and associates of the visualisation group at the WDL, including the University of Cyprus. It is a work-in-progress, and work remains to be completed. Images below represent the results from work in the interval betwen October 2007 - late Jan 2008. The model will act as a testing environment for experiments related to low light rendering. This gallery and video below aims to showcase the geometry I have completed so far in my PhD. For more information on the Kiti Church, visit here.

Kiti Image Gallery

Most images are rendered using ambient lighting in the scene with the Mental Ray renderer to include global illumination in the scene. Image 10 and 11 were rendered using Maxwell.  

Kiti Video

Download the video here (.avi format, size: ~30MB).

This above video is a work in progress render of the kiti model to illustrate use of global illumination. The older version only using simple ambient light can be downloaded here (.avi format, size: ~40MB).