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Conference Papers


2008: ‘Shop Interiors and Eighteenth-Century French and British Trade Cards’, All That Glitters: Shops and Shopping in Eighteenth-Century France and England, The National Trust and Waddesdon Manor (The Rothschild Collection) Annual Conference [UK].
2008: ‘The Economic Functions of the Trade Card in Eighteenth-Century Britain’, The Economic History Society Annual Conference, University of Nottingham [UK].
2008: ‘The Economic Functions of the Trade Card in Eighteenth-Century Britain and America’, Graduate Roundtable in Economic History, Manchester University [UK].
2007: ‘Eighteenth-Century Advertising: The Trade Card in Britain and America’, Fifth Annual Material Culture Symposium for Emerging Scholars, University of Delaware [US].
2006: ‘The Visuality of Eighteenth-Century Trade Cards’, Seminar paper for ‘Practicum in Art History: Bibliography, Historiography, Methods’, University of Wisconsin-Madison [US].
2006: ‘Shopping and Advertising in Eighteenth-Century Consumer Cultures: The Meaning and Functions of Trade Cards in Britain and America’, Advertising Trade Cards at Waddesdon Manor, Summer Workshop, Waddesdon Manor [UK].
2005: ‘Eighteenth-Century Advertising in the Atlantic World’, Graduate History Conference, University of Warwick [UK].
2004: ‘Advertising and Consumption in Eighteenth-Century Britain and America’, American History Research Seminar, Rothermere Institute, Oxford [UK].