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I am currently working as a teaching fellow at the University of Warwick. I teach seminars for a course entitled ‘Latin American Themes and Problems’, which is an option module for first and second year history undergraduates and first year Comparative American Studies students, and I have also given several lectures on this course, on topics including the impact of the Spanish conquest on Native American societies and nation building in 19th-century Spanish America. The Latin American Themes module is a survey course that encourages a comparative approach to Latin American history. Subjects discussed range from the 16th-Century Conquest of Mexico and Peru to the Pinochet regime in 20th-century Chile. For more information on this course see: Latin America: Themes and Problems

In addition to teaching on the Latin American Themes course, I am solely responsible for the option module ‘A Cultural History of Food in Latin America’. This module considers the exchange of foodstuffs that occurred between the Old World and the New World after 1492. It focuses on a range of different foods – for example maize, chocolate, potatoes, sugar and coffee – and explores the role of food in the creation of ethnic/national identities. It also addresses the economic, social and ecological effects associated with the introduction of new foodstuffs in both Europe and America. I give weekly lectures on this course and fortnightly seminars. For more information on this course see: The Cultural History of Food in Latin America