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Andrea Hajek, PhD

I obtained my doctorate degree at the University of Warwick in 2010, with a thesis on the collective memory of Italian student movements in the 1970s. I have held an Early Career Fellowship at the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study and two Visiting Fellowships in London and Utrecht (Netherlands). Between 2013 to 2016 I was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Glasgow. My British Academy project looked at the transmission of histories and memories of second-wave feminism in contemporary Italy. During my fellowship I was an interim co-director and seminar series coordinator of the Centre for Gender History. I'm also a founding member of the Warwick Oral History Network.

NB: this eportfolio was last updated in November 2016


My PhD research focused on memory debates, commemorative rituals and memory sites related to a violent incident that occured in an Italian university town in the late 1970s, and on the negotiation of this incident - by various local memory agents - over the following 30 years. In 2013 I published my thesis as a monograph in the Memory Studies Series at Palgrave Macmillan. Prior to that I was awarded a postgraduate essay prize by the Association for the Study of Modern Italy (ASMI), which allowed me to publish an article drafted from my PhD thesis in the ASMI journal Modern Italy (Vol. 17, nr. 3).

After I concluded my PhD I held an Early Career Fellowship at the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), of which I remained an Associate Fellow for the next four years. During this Fellowship I organized an interdisciplinary seminar on oral history and 1968 in Europe, and with Angela Davis I founded the Warwick Oral History Network. 

I next held a Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory (CCM), located in the University of London's Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies (now IMLR), and at the University of Utrecht. During my fellowship at the CCM I wrote an article on digital and visual memories of the 1977 protests in Italy (published in Italian Studies, Vol. 67, nr. 3). The latter was at the basis of the Digital Memories seminar I organized together with Anna Reading on 10 July 2012, held at the Centre for Media and Culture Research (CMCR), London South Bank University. This seminar eventually led to the organization of a one-day seminar held again at the CCM in November 2014, and the publicaton of the volume Memory in a Mediated World. Remembrance and Reconstruction, co-edited with Christine Lohmeier and Christian Pentzold (Palgrave, 2015). During my fellowship at CCM I furthermore conducted an oral history project supported by a British Academy small research grant, which became the basis of my three-year postdoctoral project, again financed by the British Academy (2013-2016). My Visiting Fellowship at the University of Utrecht, on the other hand, served the purpose of preparing an application for a Dutch postdoctoral fellowship scheme. I eventually renounced to this scheme in order to take up the British Academy postdoctoral fellowship at Glasgow University in 2013.


Since January 2009 I am the Managing Editor for the Sage journal of Memory Studies. I am also an Associate Editor for the journal Modern Italy (CUP).

I have edited a special issue of the Memory Studies journal, entitled 'Challenging dominant discourses of the past: 1968 and the value of oral history' (2013). I have also co-edited a special issue on historical revisionism on Italian TV (published in The Italianist Film Issue in 2014), a special issue on humour and satire in Italian political and cultural life (published in Incontri in 2014) and a special issue on 1968, memory and generation in cinema and TV (Storia e problemi contemporanei, 2014).

I have peer reviewed for the following journals: Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression, European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, Gender and Education, Journal of Modern Italian Studies, Memory Studies, Modern Italy, Social Movement Studies and Visual Communication. I furthermore peer reviewed a manuscript for ​Transcation Press ​(Memory and Narrative Series). I have written for the academic blogs Deliberately Considered, TraMe (in Italian), and Interdisciplinary Italy. Finally, I have written short stories (in Italian) for the online cultural journal LetterMagazine.


In November 2013 I gave a brief comment on Italian current affair issues for the British news channel Arise News. In the same year I was interviewed about my first monograph for the online magazines Inchiesta and Mémoire politique, and for the Italian daily La Repubblica (PDF Document). In 2015 I published a commentary piece for the Agenda section of the Herald Scotland, on a public engagement workshop that I organized at Glasgow Women's Library on 1 June 2015 (further details below).


Other activities: in May 2009 I moderated a book launch of the Italian novel Eri tutto lungo. Cavallo pazzo e altri cani sciolti by the collective writers' group Alba Cienfuegos (La Carmelina, 2008), at a casa del popolo in Italy. In late 2009 and early 2010 I organized a series of seminars on the collective memory of the 1970s in Italy ('Quale memoria per gli anni Settanta?'), and on International Women's Day 2012 I moderated a book launch of Volevo fare la Fulgeri by Marzia Bisognin (, 2011), at the abovementioned location. During the Summer of 2013, while I volunteered as a librarian for the same casa del popolo, I organized a book presentation for Stefano Ventura's Vogliamo viaggiare, non emigrare. Le cooperative femminili dopo il terremoto del 1980 (Edizioni Officina Solidale ONLUS, 2012), and a public roundtable about #Occupygezi.

In 2012 and 2013 I was also engaged (in my spare time) in an unfunded project about my former hometown in Italy, Ponticelli di Malalbergo.


2007-2008: various training courses in the Graduate School Skills Programme at the University of Warwick (Elements of structure and organisation; Engaging the reader; ePortfolio training; Grammatical accuracy; How to write a Literature Review; Literature seearching techniques; Making an impact in written applications; Making the most of your PhD; Managing research materials and ideas; Organising references using EndNote Web; Paragraph construction; Poster creation and design; Presenting to an academic audience; Speed reading).

5 May 2011: Lives in Focus. Recording oral history interviews on video. Oral History Society at the British Library.

21-22 November 2013: British Academy Communications Skills Workshop. British Academy London.

27-31 August 2014: Summer School of the Italian Society of Women Historians (SIS). Florence, Italy.

14 October 2014: Audacity audio-editing training session. Scottish Oral History Centre at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

26 January 2015: Good grammar and punctuation. London College of Media and Journalism, London.

30 January 2015: Web design and marketing. iTrain Scotland, Edinburgh.

23-24 February 2015: Excell training course. University of Glasgow IT, Glasgow.

4 March 2015: Proofreading course. Publishing Scotland, Edinburgh.

5 March 2015: Copy-editing course. Publishing Scotland, Edinburgh.

29 April 2015: Image Editing with Photoshop CS6 training course. University of Glasgow IT, Glasgow.

13 October 2015: Managing Research Data. Research Data Management team at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

4 November 2015: Four Steps to Research Success: First Steps in Supervision. Shinton Consulting Ltd for the University of Glasgow, Glasgow.

10 February 2016: SMLC workshop on producing 4* research. ArtsLab, University of Glasgow.

15 February 2016: Planning for Impact. Research Strategy and Innovation Office, University of Glasgow.

18 February 2016: Research Integrity. Staff Development Service Training, University of Glasgow.

25 February 2016: Winning Research Income. Staff Development Service Training, University of Glasgow.

2 March 2016: Developing your academic digital footprint. Research Strategy and Innovation Office, University of Glasgow.

Research interests

  • anni di piombo, terrorism and stragismo in Italy
  • collective and cultural memory
  • digital humanities
  • documentaries and memory
  • environmental humanities (memory of earthquakes)
  • European protest movements (1968 and 1977)
  • feminist movements
  • gender
  • generation and intergenerational memory
  • grassroots activism
  • history and memory of feminism
  • Italian culture, society and politics of the 60s-70s
  • memory and commemoration
  • monuments and mourning
  • oral history
  • social movements
  • television and memory
  • transmedia storytelling
  • (cultural) trauma
  • visual memory and photography
  • women's history

Awards, fellowships and grants


I currently am, or have been, a member of the following associations, research networks and centres:

  • American Association for Italian Studies
  • Association for the Study of Modern Italy
  • Centre for Gender History at the University of Glasgow
  • Warwick Oral History Network (founding member)
  • Women's History Network
  • Società Italiana delle Storiche
  • Society for Italian Studies
  • Zapruder World

Conflict, consensus and moral compensation: working through the trauma of state violence

Andrea in Scotland

Email: andreahajek(at)gmail(dot)com

Twitter: @andreahajek79

Research blog: femminista a chi?

Deliberately Considered
Lettermagazine: Dal diario di un'olandese volante


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