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Magnusson is the name given to the UHV rig that we used throught the experiment. It consisty of three chambers - the fast entry chamber (FEC), main chamber and side chamber. The table below details key properties of the UHV ensemple.


 magnusson Key Properties
Chamber Main FEC Side

Diffusion backed by rotary

Titanium sublimation pump (TSP)

Diffusion backed by rotary

Ion pump


Main features

Retractable LEED rig

Manipulator consisting of sample stage, x,y,z, theta movement, annealing filament, thermocouple.

Argon ion gun

Mn and Sb K-cells

Ion gauge

Loading Arm

Ion gauge



One of the first tasks undertaken in the project was to fit necesary upgrades to magnusson. These are detailed in the Magnusson upgrade section, which may be navigated to via the links bar on the left hand side of the page.

To enable, for example, roughing of the chambers by the rotary pumps, or use of the Argon ion gun with out damaging the ion pump, a number of valves are present to seal off different parts of chambers and components. A schematic of the valve system is shown below.