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Chi-fang Sophia Li

BA and MA (Oxon); MA and PhD (Warwick)

Associate Professor (Feb 2015 ~)

Assistant Professor (Aug 2009 ~ Jan 2015)

I completed my PhD in Renaissance Studies at Centre for the Study of the Renaissance in January 2009. My PhD thesis is titled 'Thomas Dekker and Chaucerian Re-Imaginings', a double project that offers a new scholarly biography of Thomas Dekker (c. 1572-1632) and demonstrates the ways in which he refashions his principal source, Geoffrey Chaucer, in theatrical terms. This research considers Dekker in both literary and theatre histories and situates Dekker among his collaborators, among them, Henry Chettle, Michael Drayton, Anthony Munday, Thomas Middleton, and John Webster. In August 2009 I took up assistant professorship at the Department of Foreign Langauges and Literature at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. In Feb 2015 I was promoted to associate professor.

My Doctoral Research:

Early modern playwriting and theatre collaboration; the reception of Chaucer in the Renaissance; Renaissance literature and culture from the European Perspective

Mentor: Dr Susan Brock

Examiners: Professor Peter Mack (internal); Dr Richard Rowland (external)

Teaching at Warwick 2006-2008:

  • 'The Use of Festivals in Dekker's Shoemakers' Holiday' at the Theatre Department
  • MA's Training Session: 'Using Research Libraries and Archives: the Bodleian Library, Oxford' at the Renaissance Centre
  • 'Chaucer's Reception and Chaucer in Renaissance Drama' at the Department of Italian

Student Grants and Scholarships:

Published Journal Articles in English

  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'The Roaring Girl in Retrospect: the RSC Production of 1983', New Theatre Quarterly (Aug 2014), 30 (3), 2014, 274-97. (featured as the front cover article of the issue)
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Finding "Voices" in Virgil: Dekker's Virgilian Approach to The Magnificent Entertainment (1604)', Notes and Queries, 59 (4) 2012, 560-67.
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Inheriting the Legacy: Dekker Reading Chaucer', English Studies, 93 (1), 2012, 14-42. (Selected as one of the best journal articles in Routledge's Literature Timeline Series; included in the annual bibliography of Studies in the Age of Chaucer 36, 2014, 381, 423; also reviewed by The Year's Work in English Studies 93 (1), 2014, 273.
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'John Stow's Survey of London (1603) as the Principal Source for Dekker's Dead Tearme (1608)', Notes and Queries, 58 (2), 2011, 274-78.
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Theatre Review: Dekker's Shoemaker's Holiday at the Rose Theatre Bankside', Shakespeare Bulletin, 27 (3), 2009, 503-07.

Published Journal Article in Chinese

Book Chapters

  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Londoners and Their Worlds: the Art of Place-making in William Haughton's Englishmen for My Money', December 2015.
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Going Places in Old Fortunatus' (work in progress)
Other Publications in English & Chinese
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li & Min-ling Tsai, 'Berenson in Chinese' in On the Future of I Tatti: Berenson's Words in Languages of the I Tatti Community, 26 June 2015 (Villa I Tatti, the Harvard University Centre for the Italian Renaissance Studies).
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Introduction' to the Globe Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Performance programme of Shakespeare's Globe), Oct 2014.
  • Chi-fang Sophia Li, 'Plot summary' for the Globe Theatre's A Midsummer Nigiht's Dream (Performance programme of Shakespeare's Globe), Oct 2014.
Invited Talks & Public Engagements
  • 28 Nov 2015, Public Lecture for the Shakespeare Exhibition co-organised by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the British Council, and the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Tainan, Taiwan
  • Aug - Oct 2014, 15 Public Lectures and Pre-Show Talks for the Globe Theatre's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream in National Wei-Wu Ying Centre for the Arts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (under commission by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan)
Professional Affiliations:
  • The Malone Society
  • Renaissance Society of America
  • Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Courses Taught at NSYSU:

  • Oral Training I (undergraduate)
  • English Composition III (undergraduate)
  • Listening Comprehension II (undergraduate)
  • English Literature Before 1660 (undergraduate)
  • English Literature 1660-1800 (undergraduate)
  • English Poetry (undergraduate)
  • Chaucer (PhD level)
  • Shakespeare (MA level)

 Research Projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan:

  • Aug 2014 - July 2016 'Origins of Early Modern Newswriting: Thomas Nashe and His Influence on News Production'
  • Aug 2012 - July 2014 'Dekker-Middleton Collaboration: A Cultural Life'
  • Aug 2011 - July 2012 'Dekker and Middleton Collaboration Then and Now' (III-I)
  • Aug 2010 - July 2011 'Troja-Nova Triumphans: Thomas Dekker's Civic Pageants'
  • Aug 2009 - July 2010 'Searching the Theatrical Map on the Renaissance Stage: John Stow's Civic Writings'

 Research Project funded by the Centre for the Humanities of National Sun Yat-sen University:

  • April 2011 - March 2014 'Londoners and Their Worlds'

Selected Academic Honours and Awards

  • 2015-2016 National Sun Yat-sen University Research Excellence and Teaching Excellence Awards
  • 2014--2015 National Sun Yat-sen University Research Excellence Award
  • 2013-2014 National Sun Yat-sen University Research Excellence and Teaching Excellence Awards
  • Sep 2011-June 2012 Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Sep 2010 - June 2011 Best Mentor of the Department
  • Autumn 2011 Superior Teaching Award ('English Literature Before 1660)
  • Spring 2011 Superior Teaching Award ('English Literature After 1660')
  • Spring 2010 Superior Teaching Award ('English Literature After 1660')

International Conference Organized

Conference / Workshop Papers:

  • 2 Oct 2015 'Body, Mind, and Illness in 1 & 2 Honest Whore (1604-05) and A Mad World, My Masters (1608)', Medical Humanities Conference, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
  • 22-24 July 2015 'Dekker-Shakespeare Connection: Dialogic Perspectives of Love, Desire, and Madness', The 14th Literary London Conference, University of London
  • 17-19 July 2013 'Dekker-Middleton Connection: a Cultural Life in the Years of Crisis', The 12th Literary London Conference, University of London
  • 4-6 July 2012 'The Royal Shakespeare Company's Roaring Girl (1983) in Thatcher's Britain', The 11th Literary London Conference, University of London
  • 29 June-1 July 2012, 'Adventurers and Their Worlds: Gloriana's "Place" and the "Places" of England in the National Geography of Old Fortunatus (1599)', Renaissance Old Worlds Conference, the British Library, London
  • 4-5 November 2011 'The "Play" of the Green Language in Thomas Dekker's Civic Pageants', The 5th TACMRS International Conference, National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan
  • 20-22 July 2011, 'Green Language in Dekker's The Magnificent Entertainment (1604)', The 10th Annual Literary London Conference, London
  • 11-14 July 2011 '"Rich" and "Poor", "Giants" and "Pigmies" in The Pleasant Comedy of Patient Grissil (1599): An Onstage Renaissance Criticism of the Griselda Legend', International Medieval Congress, Leeds
  • 16-18 July 2010 'Dekker Reading Stow', The 4th Biennial Conference of the Society of Renaissance Studies held under the auspices of the University of York
  • 17 July 2006: Book review of 'Bernherd Klein's Maps and the Writing of Space in Early Modern Europe and Ireland' at the Mellon-Newberry Workshop, titled 'Culture, Space and Power: Peopling the Built Environment in Renaissance England c. 1450-1700', also with Erica Artiles, Sharon Emmerichs, and Wendy Weise16 June 2004: 'Thomas Dekker and Gender Ideology' at the Warwick Postgraduate Conference


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