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My Teaching

My teaching is driven by my own passion for research and learning, as I have found that a passionate teacher encourages students to prepare more thoroughly and to undertake independent research that is driven by a genuine inquisitiveness and desire to explore.

Public engagement students

Students on the Public Engagement and Old English module (May 2012)

2013, Project Officer (Postgraduate Recruitment), University of Warwick

  • PGA: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education free choice workshop, 'Teaching outside your area of specialism: A survival guide'

2011-2012, Associate University Teacher, University of Sheffield

  • ELL114 History of English (convenor; four seminar groups of 15)
  • ELL225 Introduction to Old English (convenor; 15 students)
  • ELL223 Introduction to Lexicology (convenor; 40 students)
  • ELL326 Old English and Public Engagement (convenor; 20 students)
  • EGH302 Third-year dissertation (1 student). Topic: Old English glosses of Latin texts.
  • EGH6000 Cultures of the British Isles (5 students)
  • FCA6100 Research Ethics and Integrity (two groups of 12 students).

2008-2011: Postgraduate Tutor, University of Sheffield

  • LIT101 Introduction to Advanced Literary Studies (15 students).
  • ELL114 History of English I (six seminar groups of 15).
  • ELL225 Introduction to Old English (convenor) (15 students).
  • ELL200 Old English: Language, Texts and Cultures (convenor) (10 students).
  • ELL114ii The History of the English Language II (convenor) (20 Erasmus students).
  • EGH 302: Third-year dissertation (2 students). Topics: Old English rhetoric; Anglo-Saxon heroism and Christianity.
  • Supervision of second-year student involved in the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience Scheme.

2010-2011: Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Manchester

  • Introduction to Old English Linguistics: UG Level 2 module (convenor) (six seminar groups of 20)
  • Introduction to Middle English Linguistics: UG Level 2 module, convened by Prof. David Denison (six seminar groups of 20).