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WarwickForward is a free email forwarding service offered to registered Warwick graduates. It enables you to maintain a permanent email address associated with the University and gives you an easy way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues after graduation.

Why would I want a WarwickForward email address?

Your student email account will expire when you graduate and personal email addresses often change. Your WarwickForward email is the only email address you will ever need and you only ever need to update us of any changes!

Creating your WarwickForward account could not be simpler:

1. Select your desired WarwickForward alumni email - i.e.

2. Provide a personal destination email account - i.e.

3. Distribute your permanent WarwickForward address - i.e.

4. Check destination account for email from WarwickForward - i.e.

It's as simple as that.

You must first login before creating or amending your WarwickForward email.

To login you must also be registered online (ie. have chosen a password to access the WGA website). If you have not already registered, click here to register online

» To login please enter your details below: