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2014 graduates

studentCongratulations on your graduation. We hope you enjoyed your special day; it was great to meet so many graduands in the alumni marquee.

Our aim is to ensure we offer you the service, support and ongoing relationship with your University, based on your own circumstances and needs. To help us achieve this, many shared their contact details and future plans with us. As we don't have a record of receiving this information from you, please take a minute to complete this short survey.

Using this information, we will be in touch to offer support, to keep you informed about services (including those provided by Careers & Skills) and for the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey which will be sent out later this year. Your responses to the DLHE survey are vital in helping us to improve our services, to inform future students and to uphold the standing of the University.

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The data is for the use of the University and will not be disclosed to external organisations, other than those acting as agents for the University. Your data will be will be shared within the University, as deemed appropriate, to keep you in touch with the University, allow you to benefit from a range of exclusive alumni services and have the opportunity to support the University. Your data is also subject to the University’s Website Terms and Conditions and the central University Data Protection Policy. You may withdraw from these communications at any time by contacting the Development Office at
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