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Warwick Graduates Win First Prize in Business Competition

Cambridge Solar - WinnersRecent Warwick graduates Owen Morgan and Francois Eve, have won the prestigious E-Factor business competition based in the University of East London’s Knowledge Dock.

Owen and Francois’ company, Cambridge Solar, a renewable energy solutions provider for households and businesses in Cambridgeshire won the E-Factor’s first prize of £10,000.  The business competition involved writing a business case and summary as well as a day-long final where the ten selected finalists presented to a panel of judges, got whittled down to a final five and then presented and were quizzed by a selection of invited guests. 

Director, Owen, who did his first degree in Engineering and Business Management at the University of Warwick, presented on the day, he said;

It was very nerve racking, the anticipation of waiting to find out who had won. On finding out, I was overjoyed; I wasn’t expecting to win, especially with the quality of the other competitors. I’m delighted to have won and equally excited about moving ahead with our plans.

Cambridge Solar High Tech LaunchSince winning the competition Cambridge Solar has been invited to represent Labours new pledge of building a high tech economy. They were at the centre of the recent announcement sharing the limelight with Ed Miliband, Lord Adonis and Joan Ruddock. Director, Francois, who studied Economics at Warwick said;

To be held as an example of the kind of business that this Government wants to support is encouraging for the long term growth of both Cambridge Solar and the UK renewables industry as a whole.
About Cambridge Solar

Cambridge Solar has been set up to help Cambridgeshire homeowners and businesses make money by investing in renewable energy systems by taking advantage of Government financial support schemes. Technologies that Cambridge Solar handles include solar PV systems for producing electricity and solar thermal systems for producing hot water.

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