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Who is the Competition For?

The competition is open to all businesses with a UK presence. It is aimed at technology businesses that have a big idea or innovation that they want to advance with help and support from the University of Warwick. The support available from the University for this competition is focussed on the fields of advanced materials and translational medicine.

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials have crosscutting links with many industries and market applications. Materials can be a product in their own right, or be a component of a more complex end product. Designing new materials and understanding how they behave in particular applications is important for product development, as is understanding how existing materials may behave in new application areas.

Advanced materials could, for instance, be used in sectors such as: aerospace; transport, healthcare; packaging; technical textiles; construction, defence and security.

There are many applications for advanced materials, such as:

tinyrocket.jpg Energy applications for secure, clean and affordable energy supply, distribution and storage

Business Competition

tinyrocket.jpg Materials with reduced environmental impact through life
tinyrocket.jpg Lightweight materials
tinyrocket.jpg Materials to withstand more aggressive environments (e.g. high temperature, corrosive, erosive)
tinyrocket.jpg Electronic and optical functional materials
tinyrocket.jpg Smart and multifunctional materials, devices and structure

Business Competition 2

tinyrocket.jpg Surface engineering and coating technologies
tinyrocket.jpg Fibre and textile-based technologies

Natural and bio-based materials

Translational Medicine

Warwick Medical School and the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick have a range of sophisticated biomedical equipment facilities and a clinical trials infrastructure to support the translation of scientific advances into improved patient care. Together with our teaching hospital at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, the University has some of the most advanced clinical equipment and leading medical experts in the UK.

The competition can help businesses that have a food ingredient, a potential drug, or a medical device or diagnostic technology, which needs further product development or businesses who need guidance on how to enter health sector markets through clinical trials.

Some of the translational medicine facilities at the University are:

tinyrocket.jpg mass spectrometry, advanced microscopy, biosensors, electrophysiology
tinyrocket.jpg whole-body calorimetry for human metabolims studies
tinyrocket.jpg clinical trials requirements and study design
tinyrocket.jpg advice on prototype development

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