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The Prize

Following an assessment process based on how innovative our expert panel believes the ideas to be, and the scope of the requirements, up to 30 businesses will win up to two days' of free interaction with experts in a relevant field.

The competition prize will be divided into two parts to add extra flexibility for winners and facilitate attendance at the University of Warwick. The first day will be structured around a bespoke training workshop and the second day will be provision of expert advice or technical assistance, which will be tailored to the winners' requirements.

Training Workshop

One delegate from each winning business will be invited to attend theformal training workshop at the University of Warwick. The day will being with an introduction to collaborating with universities and an overview of the essentials of contracting on collaborative projects and protecting intellectual property. Breakout sessions will include seminars on funding innovation, routes to market, and regulation. There will also be a tour of some of the facilities at the University of Warwick.

Consultancy and Technical Assistance

In addition to the training workshop, each winner will receive a day of consultancy from appropriate academic experts. This is a tailored and flexible offering with academics able to provide a range of services from technical assessment, to advice and training. We have expertise to provide technical consultancy in the areas of medicine, chemistry, physics and engineering in everything from synthesis, analysis and characterisation, through to processing and prototype demonstration and trials design and planning.

For more information please email:

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The Big Idea Business Support Competition

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