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Compexity of Global Change

"We are currently living in a world of both immense richness and immense problems. The human race has become so influential in all areas that it can determine the global fate in the years to come. The scientific development with all its necessary controversies is still giving hope to overcome some of the more serious global problems we are facing. New scientific solutions to problems on small and large scales will help us all, spanning from new technologies in biology, medicine or engineering to the understanding of the dynamics of cities, the global market or the society as a whole."

Markus Kirkilionis (ECCS'09 Conference Organising Chair)

The University of Warwick has recently developed a strong research capacity in Complex Systems Science and hosted the European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS) 2009.

ECCS is the major annual international event of the growing complex systems community since the conference series established itself at Torino in 2004.

We hope that ECCS will trigger new discussion and research inside and outside the University. The conference was highly interdisciplinary covering nearly all sciences with strong international roots inside Europe and beyond. ECCS'09 brought scienticists from many fields together to discuss current global challenges and exchange ideas and research.

Part 1: Introduction from the Conference Chair

Part 2: Round Table Discussion

Part 3: Question and Answer Session

Part 4: Conclusions and Close