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Responding to the Global Economic Crisis

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A collection of films on the global financial crisis giving the expert insight of academics and commentators from around the world.

The Role of the Multilateral Trading System in the Recent Economic Crisis

Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, led a public lecture at the University of Warwick on Wednesday 15 July, focusing on 'The Role of the Multilateral Trading System in the Recent Crisis'.

The event was chaired by Warwick's Chancellor, and Director of the CBI, Richard Lambert, with a response from Martin Wolf CBE, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator for the Financial Times.

Pascal Lamy

No Paradise without banks

Warwick Business School hosted a free public forum on the impact of the recession in Latin America on the 2nd June, led by José Juan Ruiz Gómez of the Santander Group.

'No Paradise without Banks' looked at how the current crisis is being felt in Latin America by looking at its origins, the problem of leveraging, consequences and the impact in Latin America as well as the problems faced on the road to recovery.

Sr Gómez is the Director of Analysis and Strategy at the Santander Group and the forum is part of the Santander Universities Partnership which Warwick signed in November 2008.

Sr Gomex

How to thrive in Challenging Times

Can the financial system, as we know it, continue? Over the coming decade, how is the political and economic framework of economic policy likely to change, and how is this likely to impact on business and industry?

This seminar was jointly hosted by Warwick Business School & the Economics Department.


The Global Credit Crunch and the Global Economy: Causes, Threats and Opportunities

The financial crisis that has gripped global markets over the last year or so is generating a global economic downturn of a severity not seen since the 1930s. On that occasion, a collapse of credit, trade, production, and living standards was associated with the spread of state intervention and fundamental shift in the political landscape.


The Political Economy of the Subprime Crisis

The Warwick Political Economy Working Group from the Department of Politics and International Studies organised a two-day workshop on the subprime crisis on September 18th/19th 2008.

Scholars from across the social sciences in the UK interacted with a number of their European counterparts to produce two days of lively and intellectually stimulating debates.


Regional Support for Businesses

How the University of Warwick is supporting the local economy, businesses and people during these challenging times for the economy.