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Equipment Focus: Material Forensics and Characterisation

Here at WMG, University of Warwick we have an extensive use of high-tech equipment and facilities for businesses to use on a ad-hoc basis or through collaborative research projects.

Our strength remains in supporting businesses to solve challenges and to ensure quality products, services and processes are created.

Our technical and scientific capabilities supports themes such as; Materials and Manufacturing, Energy Storage and Management, Electrical Systems, Healthcare, Product Evaluation

Equipment Example:

Theme: Material Forensics and Characterisation

Used For: The study of material and component behaviour analysis, detecting micro-structural defects, strain rate values, impact testing, environmental testing.

WMG Equipment: 3D Measurement Machine, Fatigue Facilities, High Strain Rate Machine, Drop Rate Impact Tester, X-ray Diffractometer, Weathering Tester.

Business Benefits: Gain new material knowledge, access scientific methods and expertise to carry out testing, analysis and interpretation of datasets.

Industry Sectors we have worked with: aerospace & defence, motorsports, healthcare and marine

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Contact: Richard Seager Tel: 024 765 75935

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