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Free Seminar for Businesses and Researchers by Tata Steel's Research Director

Tata Steel's Dr Debashish Bhattacharjee is to give a free open seminar to Midlands businesses and researchers outlining his vision for steel's high tech future at a keynote seminar on Thursday 13th October at WMG, University of Warwick.

Dr Bhattacharjee is Group Director, Research Development and Technology, Tata Steel Group and an Industrial Professor at the University of Warwick. Tata Steel is the world's second most geographically diversified steel producer.

WMG Chairman, Professor Lord Bhattacharyya said: "WMG is delighted to be able to provide this free fantastic oppportunity for Midlands business and researchers to gain in crucial insights into the latest innovative steel product and process development underway in one of the world's leading global steel makers."

Dr Bhattacharjee's areas of expertise include fracture and fatigue of materials, physical metallurgy of rolling, and application of artificial neural networks in industry. His personal technical contribution spans a wide area, from mineral beneficiation to development of new technology for generating hydrogen at low cost and development of advanced coolants using nanofluids.

Some of the areas Dr Bhattacharjee will explore in his keynote include:

  • Customers in the automotive industry are looking to meet the global environmental trends by developing lighter cars with increased crash safety. Tata Steel looks to enable this trend with development of advanced high strength steel that combines high strength with high formability.
  • Tatal Steel is further looking to increase the sustainability of the steelmaking process by using waste and by-project of processes in an innovative way. As an example, spent thermal energy and spent water from steelmaking processes can be used to produce hydrogen gas. That hydrogen has no carbon footprint and has an excellent potential to be used as a source of energy.
  • Tata Steel is working on advanced technology for harvesting solar energy efficiently. They are also developing integrated solutions, such as energy independent houses, which would increase the living standard for the population with minimal output of greenhouse gases.
  • Dr Bhattacharjee will also show an ultra-cost effective solution for removal of hexavalent chromium implemented for chromite ores.

Dr Bhattacharjee says "Contrary to common perception, high tech solutions need not be expensive. The key to innovation lies in the ability to think outside the box."

This seminar is free and takes place in WMG's International Digital Library at 12 Noon on Thursday 13 October at the University of Warwick.

To reserve your place please contact Georgina Haslop on 024 76 573094

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