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Logistic Engineering celebrates it's first year in business with the help of University 'Ignite' Programme

Nathan Bowers of Logistic Engineering with Penny Robb from University of Warwick Science ParkLogistic Enginering reaches its first birthday this week thanks to the determination of owner Nathan Bower and the help of the University of Warwick Science Park's Ignite programme for start ups and early stage companies.

Nathan Bower formed Logistic Engineering services in May last year having previously worked towards setting up a successful Midlands office for Leeds-based Tate Consulting Engineers.

After linking up with the Ignite programme, the firm grew out of Nathan's spare bedroom and into its new home at the University of Warwick Science Park Business Innovation Centre in Binley.

Ignite is a flexible package of free and grant aided advice and practical help, designed to allow start-up and early stage companies to tap into the resouces of University of Warwick Science Park and its wealth of knowledge.

Nathan took advantage of this service and the firm continues to grow from strength to strength. He said: "We provide engineering consultancy and project management and energy consultancy on large scales distribution for a range of companies.

"We advise firms on how to most efficiently manage the logistical side of their business such as large distribution centres and warehouses. I set up the business on my own once the company I worked for previously decided to focus primarily on mechanical and electrical engineering and I wanted to go in a different direction.

"We now have four members of staff in total and focus on project management. After picking up a number of clients over the first six months it became apparent I would need a full-time energy consultant and administrative staff. It was just by luck that I came to be involved with the Ignite programme, and I'm glad I did as they have been a real help."

Logistics Engineering is just one in a long list of companies that have been helped through the fledgling stages by Ignite before joining one of the University's Science Parks. Penny Robb, centre manager at the University of Warwick Science Park in Binley is pleased to see the Ignite programme working so well, she said: "It's great that we can call on success stories like this to show that it is possible to start your own business and be successful despite the financial climate. Hopefully they can continue to grow and we will be able to support them through that process."