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National Advertising Firm Moves to Warwick's Science Park

A national advertising firm has added to its own prospects by moving to Coventry. has been one of the UK’s biggest advertising firms for nearly 30 years and today has 20 sites across the country.

That list now includes the University of Warwick Science Park Business Innovation Centre in Binley, after the regional base that covers clients between Nottingham and Peterborough decided to leave its Birmingham office. has taken up one of the largest units at the park and regional sales manager, Andy Lole, believes the company could take more space should the move prove successful.

“ is one of the most well-known advertising companies in the country dealing with everything from one-man-bands to large scale organisations,” he said.

“Our national headquarters is in Farnborough but we have sites all over the country catering to clients in different locations. This particular site will look after the area between Nottingham to Peterborough.


“One of the major reasons for our move to Binley is that this location is more central to our needs. We have moved here from Birmingham because there is less traffic, better facilities and we are well-connected to the rest of the region, giving us greater access to new and existing clients.

“Initially we will have 11 staff based here at Binley but more opportunities could become available based on how successful we are here. That is another part of the appeal of moving here, the science park offers us great flexibility in that we can easily expand to take up more space if we reach the point where that is what we need to do.”


Penny Robb, the centre manager at the University of Warwick Science Park Business Innovation Centre in Binley, said she believes that the decision of to move from Birmingham to Coventry demonstrates that the city can compete with its bigger neighbour.


Penny said: “We feel that one of our best selling points, along with the fantastic facilities we provide, is that our location allows tenants fantastic links with the rest of the region, and the country.

“For many firms, including, that will be in and out visiting their clients, this is an ideal base for their business and gives them an advantage over their competitors.

 “We look forward to working with the team from and doing everything we can to make this move a great success.”