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Brainwaves for Marketers

brainwaves2Imagine being able to eliminate much of the risk in new product development and to accurately predict and steer success in your branding, advertising and packaging. Neuroimaging is about mapping brain responses to multi-sensory stimuli and will revolutionize the way we market.

This series of three podcasts, filmed at an event organised by Professor Gemma Calvert and the Applied Neuroimaging Group at WMG, explores:

  • how neurosciences give us new insights into buying motivations and value perceptions
  • what neurosciences are teaching us about emotion in buying decisions
  • what neurosciences tell us about the effectiveness of marketing today

If you think neuroscience is just for mega-budget brand managers, be prepared to be challenged and inspired by the demonstrations from Professor Calvert and her team.

Brainwaves for Marketers

Professor Gemma Calvert (WMG)

Professor Calvert, Chair of Applied Neuroimaging presents on the methods and technology that is enabling science to help marketers eliminate much of the risk in new product development. Demonstrating the potential to accurately predict and steer success in branding, advertising and packaging. Neuroimaging is about mapping brain responses to multi-sensory stimuli. It is one of the powerful neurosciences that are just about to revolutionize the way we market.

Engineering a Positive Reponse from Users

Professor Paul Jennings (WMG)

Professor Jennings presents on the neuroscientific research his Experiential Engineering team undertake to analyse the end users experience of products within key public sectors. The automotive industry, looking at sound quality in vehicles including hybrids, public places, Civic Engineering, looking at city centre design and the quality of public environments and the newer area of Healthcare looking at improving the experience within hospitals and care homes.

Eye Tracking: Everything you need to know
Rob Carpenter (TNS Magasin)

Rob Carpenter presents on the high tech methods used by TNS Magasin, a pioneer in the field of shopper behavioural research. One of a range of research techniques demonstrated included "eye tracking".  Eye Tracking utilises an infra-red beam, shone into the back of the retina to track the wearer's eye movements and fixations, offering far superior data on shoppers' attention than cameras that merely record field-of-view. Marketers can benefit from analysing exactly what the eye is drawn to on shelves, packaging and at point of sale.

Applied Neuroimaging Group

The Applied Neuroimaging group at the Digital Lab is led by Professor Gemma Calvert. The group’s remit is to apply techniques developed from the field of cognitive neuroscience to help industry better understand the consumer’s brain. With over 10 years experience in neuromarketing, the group combines expertise in the techniques of functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), psychophysics and electroencephalography (EEG) to help marketers, advertisers and manufacturers with new product development, effective communication and prediction of consumer behaviour.

Members of the group span a large number of departments including the Warwick Medical School (specialising in virtual reality fMRI), Psychology, Statistics, Physics and the School of Engineering. In addition, working in close collaboration with the Warwick Business School, the group is using FMRI to elucidate irrational behaviour in financial decision making – a pursuit recently termed Neuroeconomics.

Based in the International Digital Laboratory, the facilities include a 3T flat-bed MR scanner, eye-tracking and portable EEG capability, and behavioural testing suites.  In addition, the next phase of the Digital Laboratory will house the world’s first vertical head-only 3T MR scanner – allowing vastly improved capacity for taste, olfaction and navigation in virtual and real sensory environments.