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SchoolPassport launched to speed up teaching job applications

SchoolPassportApplying for a new teaching job could become faster and easier thanks to a new product launched by Venture Centre-based i2i Services.

SchoolPassport, an online system for primary and secondary schools, enables applicants to copy the majority of information between applications rather than manually inputting answers for each separate application form.

The idea for the product came from i2i Services Managing Director Jerry Hoefkens, whose sister - a teacher - had become frustrated by having to spend two hours manually completing the same information for each job application.

“We looked at the application process of about 200 schools across the country”, Jerry says, “and were surprised to find that around 95% were still asking candidates to download application forms and complete manually even though the majority of the information was the same for each school.”

SchoolPassport, which took about six months to create, has been built with simplicity in mind for both the applicant and the school recruitment staff. Once a candidate’s details have been saved on SchoolPassport, it takes just three seconds to copy onto another SchoolPassport application form. The candidate can then tweak the personal statement for the requirements of each role if necessary.

It is hoped that SchoolPassport will increase candidate response per vacancy now that the major frustration of applying for a job has been removed.

i2i Services is a leading provider of internet recruitment to the private and public sector and has been based at the Venture Centre at the University of Warwick's Science Park for 10 years.