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The University of Warwick supporting our region

Ten ways in which the University of Warwick is supporting the local economy, businesses and people during these challenging times for the economy.

Significant Capital Projects

The University will endeavour to bring forward significant capital projects to assist the construction industry. The first of these being a £2 million refit of our chemistry teaching laboratories.

Securing Construction Jobs

By maintaining the University's current £200m programme of investment in its campus, construction jobs are being secured.

Engaging Local Suppliers or Clients

Making it easier for people in the region to work productively with the university as suppliers or clients through information evenings for local suppliers to promote tendering opportunities.

Investing in Energy Efficiency

Warwick continues to invest in improvements to the energy efficiency of the University’s buildings with £400,000 of new investment in the insulation, lighting controls and general efficiency of the University’s buildings and use of local and regional suppliers to make improvements. This includes a plan to reinvest savings to fund future improvements and use local contractors to help meet the University’s ambitious waste and recycling targets.

Training and Specialist Advice

Providing training and specialist advice to businesses within the region, particularly small and medium sized businesses, through:

  • The National B2B Centre (based in WMG)
  • By the Knowledge and Innovation Network in Warwick Business School WBS. The KIN works to develop tools and good practice and to offer world-class expertise to help companies achieve their business goals. Membership comprises a number of leading organizations from private and public sectors, including Bae Systems, PWC, Fujitsu Services, and the National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement.
  • And through MBA students from WBS assisting local organisations with their management experience through ‘Practices to Management’ module.

Regional Innovation Voucher Scheme

The University of Warwick is a partner with Aston University in the INDEX Scheme for businesses.

Tailored Programmes and Careers Advice

Programmes and careers advice is tailored to the current economic climate, through:

  • The Careers Centre, who are working with AWM’s new Grad Central scheme to get 1,500 more graduates jobs with the region's private companies over the next four years. The Careers Centre have also produced a new guide to “Recession Planning in Turbulent Times”.
  • Warwick Business School (WBS) actively offering its expertise to all WBS alumni.
  • WBS programmes responding to new/emerging areas of significance, such as the Global Energy MBA.

Free Provision of Cultural and Educational Activities

For the benefit of local families and young people on a tight budget, including free tickets for young people under the age of 26, at Warwick Arts Centre this spring.

The Enterprise Hub

The Enterprise Hub in Warwick Business School has been recently established to offers support and ‘enterprise development services’ to SMEs and other organisations across the region. It works in partnership with Warwick Science Park to deliver an innovative online business start-up and development programme called ‘Business Life’ which has been proven to improve survival rates for new SMEs. It also operates the Business Innovation and Growth (BIG) programme to support SMES seeking growth.

The Science City Initiative

This aims to pull together world class science and technology within a city and its region and provide that talent with support for new research that will deliver great economic and quality of life benefits not just to the City and the region, but also the country as a whole. Working with AWM and Birmingham University, programmes include research into Hydrogen energy and advanced materials.

Student STEP Project

The student STEP Project Scheme which places students in local companies to undertake a project that could solve a business problem.