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Warwick and Santander Universities.

In November 2008, Warwick reached a three-year agreement with Santander Universities to support aspects of its core teaching and research activities as well as Warwick’s important work in the local community. Warwick is extremely pleased to join with Santander Universities, the corporate social responsibility arm of Grupo Santander, so that it can offer new opportunities to students and staff and can develop new community action projects.

Santander Universities has offered generous support for Masters-level students from Spain, Portugal and Latin America to study at Warwick. A total of 8 scholarships have been awarded for 2009-10 and students from Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile will be studying plant and environmental sciences, economics, mathematics, business studies, engineering and education at Warwick.

Research at Warwick will also benefit from Santander’s support. Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Study will be hosting three Santander-Abbey Visiting Fellows in each of the next three years and Santander will be supporting ‘Mexico in the Midlands’, a symposium featuring eminent British and Mexican scholars which will coincide with the British Museum’s Montezuma Exhibition in Autumn 2009.

In collaboration with Warwick Business School, Santander will be involved in the initial development of a major new research centre and the Santander-Abbey Research Grant Fund will provide assistance to Warwick academics and students carrying out research in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Warwick’s commitment to the local community is also benefiting from Santander’s support. Santander funding has allowed Warwick Volunteers to hold a competition for students to identify the best new ideas for community action programmes and to support their implementation. Warwick Volunteers will also be developing new projects in the local Portuguese community with Santander support.


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