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Case Study - IIPSI & The WMG SME Team

Creating 'Demon Head' Clones


The WMG SME team, through its ERDF funded International Institute for Product and Service Innovation, used their skills in visitor experience, 3D scanning, polymer science and 3D printing to develop 3D models of the colts, including ‘Derek’, that museum visitors could handle. They also gave Derek a 21st century update – a pair of glowing eyes that activate and change colour if the team send him a message on twitter.

Ben Wood, WMG SME’s Technology Transfer Specialist said: “We are pleased that we’ve enabled DNA to look at more possibilities for client projects in the future, and that we have enabled Walsall Museum to look at the potential of using new technologies in engaging visitors.”

Geoff Henderson, Managing Director at Digital Native Academy said: “The relationship we have with WMG is very much about collaboration, not only are we gaining from the advanced 3D modelling, manufacturing and design skills they have, but they are learning from our experience in the culture and heritage sector too.”