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Starting a new job

Submitted by Livia Lita

Thoughts on starting a new job in lockdown

I was delighted to be offered a post at Warwick as Faculty Recruitment Officer for the Faculty of Arts back in January though I certainly wouldn’t have imaged starting a new job in such strange circumstances. Luckily, I wasn’t on my own on day one back in March as my colleague Becky also started on that same day and in spite of only managing to go into the office for a single day, everyone I met, mostly virtually but also in person, has been extremely welcoming. I feel like colleagues have been very supportive and insightful in helping me understand what Warwick is like, everyone here is so friendly.

I’m learning something new every day and it’s great to start being involved with all sorts of projects, from virtual HE fairs with prospective UG home students to webinars with prospective PG international students. I’m having regular catch-ups with my manager Yvonne who’s always so positive, informative and encouraging. There’s also weekly coffee catch-ups with the recruitment team and it’s nice to speak to people about non-work things that you would speak to during a normal office day.

I also think the weekly VC’s videos are very reassuring and it’s great to watch them. All in all, even though I’ve been working from home, it doesn’t feel like it’s only been two months. It feels like I’ve been part of the Warwick family for much longer.

Lockdown has certainly had a big impact on my day-to-day routine, I was used to getting up super early (not anymore) and in my previous job I’d be the first one in the office most days. Not because I’m a morning person but because I liked having a longer afternoon to do social things like going to the cinema (I’m a big cinema goer), going out for a meal, visiting friends and family and dancing, so much dancing! I do lindy hop dancing in Birmingham as a hobby, it’s a huge community that’s been massively impacted by Covid-19 as the Dance School I go to has of course closed its doors for the time being. I’m lucky to be dancing with my partner in crime (and life) so we can still practice at home but I sometimes lack motivation.

I find that lockdown’s had quite an impact on my regular motivation to do stuff and sometimes the days just go by but I try as much as possible to find new things to do. For example, I found that there’s a massive park 5 minutes away from where I live and I now try and go for a walk (or even a run though that’s rare) every day. Life was so busy before lockdown that I didn’t really get to spend much time home. I also do a lot more cooking and baking most weekends (yes, I managed to find flour!) and I even bought a table for the garden! I miss seeing my friends and hugging them. I miss almost everything from before lockdown, apart from the traffic! I think my biggest anxiety trigger is not knowing when I’ll get to see my family again. They all live in Romania as that’s where I am originally from so I can’t even go and wave at them like some people can. But…this will be over one day and we will appreciate everything so much more!