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Nickynory - stories with Nicky and Poppy

Submitted by Nicky Ginns

Nickynory - stories with Nicky and Poppy

I wanted to share something I’ve been doing through lockdown. I used to be a primary teacher – I actually trained at Warwick. Sadly I left teaching, I think for the reasons many teachers leave the profession, but I really miss reading to my Year 3 class. I knew that parents would be looking for ways to entertain their kids during lockdown, so I started doing a Facebook Live story reading three times a week. The other half of our copywriting team at Warwick, Keith Gabriel, gave it the cringe-worthy yet catchy name ‘Nickynory’.

Parents can tune in with their kids, but then tune out and have a coffee while their little ones listen! Throughout the course of lockdown, I’ve made my way through six books! I’m now reducing the number of readings I do, as the new school term starts, but I’ll still keep reading. I hope that it has helped parents at a difficult time and entertained anyone who listened. I can safely say that, particularly when I was locked down on my own for the first six or so weeks, it gave me something to look forward to. It’s also given me another creative outlet during a period where I couldn’t do my normal musical theatre rehearsals.

I thought I’d share one video. As an ex-teacher and English Lit graduate, I stand by the fact that, however old you are, there’s nothing better than a good story to take you away from anything else that may be going on in the world around you.
If people would like to listen to the rest of the story (and the other 5 books!!), they can do so here 

Video features Nicky reading 'Beaver Towers' by Nigel Hinton, with the help of her dog, Poppy.