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Venice "Warwick office"

Submitted by Chiara Farnea Croff



The situation in Italy is slowly improving also if of course many economical financial problems are rising. I am writing to you after having seen the video in which you were asking for photos so I have decided to send to you some .

The first one is my new office at home with my favourite pet....

Food, especially spritz time at home in the evening and hand made tagliatelle Tea time during Easter time with a Warwick branded cup

Volunteering , the photo with the basket in which I was used to put food , newspapers, etc. for a friend o mine who could not get out.

Nature, as there were no boats in the canals some special Venetian inhabitants were free to go around.....

And finally me rowing in the Venetian style, please note the Warwick t shirt, in the Grand Canal which was amazing without any motor boat and wave and again me on the lion in piazzetta dei leoncini, St Mark square, this was the typical photo we were used to do to the kids once , when there were not so many tourists around so we can do again things which we thought was impossible to do again.