Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest updates and information
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Val's Lockdown Poem

Submitted by Val Elvin

Love Beyond All Measure

L Loss of loved ones, Loss of normal life. But letters written to reassure and Love, Love beyond all measure

O Odd times, but Old friends reunited

C Chaotic fear and stress, but Caring hands at work, Coffee van Mondays and clapping our Courageous key workers on a Thursday

K Kitchens closed at Warwick, but Kitchens open at home to bake and create for family, friends and charity

D Distance shopping, Distance zoom quizzes, Desperate searching for flour and Sugar, but neighbours Dropping ingredients to the Door

O Online shopping slots all taken, but Offers of shopping from others

W Worry Wart and fears for the future, but regular updates from Warwick university community, With Words of encouragement and. Wonderful Weather Was Welcome

N Numbers of the sad losses each day, But our NHS saved life’s our National heroes. Never to forget. Love, Love beyond all measure

F Freedom taken away, Fast food outlets shut, but Fresh Food delivered to the door. Food bank Friday, Fancy dress quiz and the chocolate Fairy’s secret gifts on steps with Love, Love beyond all measure.

U University campus shut down, but unexpected acts of kindness from all. Update videos greatly received.

R Restrictions of movement, but Reassurance received.

L Loneliness for people, Longing to meet friends and loved ones. Longing for normal life, Lighting candles to remember the Lost but Love, Love beyond all measure

O Open signs turned to closed, but open gardens for neighbours to celebrate VE.

U Under pressure and Under stress, but being Useful as a volunteer.

G Government updates of real importance. But Gardening done in Great weather, ready to Greet and Gather .

H Heart ache and loss , but Homes cleaned and cared for . Hope for a future and Help, Help beyond all measure

By Val