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A Few Lockdown Lines

Submitted by Anonymous

A Few Lockdown Lines

A time capsule is going to record our varied emotions

And how we stockpiled on antiseptic lotions

We panic bought loo rolls leaving shelves empty

Despite being told if we’re sensible there’ll be plenty.

The way it has panned out is kind of surreal, beyond imagination.

Who’d have expected we’d never get to host 2020 graduation?

We all got rather scared by the numbers getting ill

Compounded somewhat by there being no vaccine or pill.

I was yearning to hug my adult sons – such a strong feeling

At the same time my cancelled “special birthday” holiday had me reeling

But compared to others this loss was nothing

For others the suffering was completely crushing.

I found in my daily exercise I watched nature more closely and all its powers

Why had I never noticed before that oak trees have flowers?

There are green spaces in my City that I started to explore

And people that I talked to who live next door.

People getting too close outside initially left me flustered.

I needed some comfort food (so I told myself) and that turned out to be custard!

Sometimes with crumble and sometimes without It made me feel better without a doubt!

What ever our “new normal” turns out to be

We now think more broadly than just “me”.