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Lisa's Lockdown Poem

Submitted by Anonymous

Lockdown Poem


Lockdown they say, how hard can it be?

A nice little break with my family!!!!!

A new routine for my lad and me, starting with Joe Wicks as our new morning fad.

The teenager mopes on his Playstation 4. Snacks are unlimited but he always wants more!!!

Daily exercise, we go on a walk. At least we can all finally talk.

But moaning and groaning always cuts it short!!!!

V.E day was fine. We really did have a great time.

We social distanced with our neighbours and drunk lots of wine.

Home schooling is a chore and my boys find it a bore.

I’ve become a teacher and I don’t want to be one anymore.

Missing family and friends and living in a house with just boys.

I really didn’t realise they had so many toys.

Together as a family we have worked as a team.

The seeds have turned into flowers and now the garden makes me gleam.

More meals around the table, you see we have time for that now.

Fresh cakes and scones in the oven giving off a delicious smell.

Being on furlough isn’t as easy as it seems.I really miss my Warwick university team.

Normality could be sometime away. But the memories are in my mind to stay.

We have had some ups and downs, but hey!!! I’m still lucky enough to be here to tell my story, so that’s ok.